Oh, The Changes!

Lots happening… lots of change… the following is a summation… more later.

NO WORRIES: All is good and moving forward nicely. We can roll with adversity like nobody’s business!

From the VTH:

We have just learned that Metaplace is closing its doors as of 1/1/10. Wow.

An emergency session of the Town Council called by Mayor Goldman was held late last night (22 December). This was decided: Effective immediately, work will stop on Metaplace builds and the focus will shift to the SMALLWORLDS site. SmallWorlds now will be the main townspace for GM. Land/harborspace has already been procured, thanks to a donation by Windy and Rowan Sims-Goldman. This land will serve as the landing space into Goldman Mill. Construction is already under way. Endie Connell will oversee VTH changes made necessary.

The plan is that those interested in joining and in having a physical presence in the village will establish a SmallWorlds account of their choice and then their space(s) will be linked to the GM village. Those already there can have their space(s) connected upon earning full citizenship. The Land Surveyor Team (Windy Goldman, Ari Lieber, Harry Sims, Jennifer Werner) is charged with creating a linkspace (village shuttle-themed build?) for this purpose. In the meantime, Paxie Goldman and her team are working on curricula for Pax University (we hope to launch our first public course offering in early 2010); James and Tim Mueller-Fitzgerald are in the middle of mounting a wonderful exhibit in the Goldman Mill Peace Museum; the Werner-Simses are spearheading the rebuilding of our Chamber of Commerce; Ari Lieber, Endie Connell, and Ray Ruiz are working to reshape GM media to handle the changes; and as part of the GM Armchair Activist effort, research is under way for a greening/sustainable-living education effort. (Links soon, but for the time being, check out SmallWorlds.com and search “Goldman Mill” or “WGPM” or “Windy Goldman.”)

The Council also moved to terminate the Gaia Online outpost for the time being; it may be revived when we have a strong enough youth component to breathe life and substance into what is a really difficult world to crack. Only the Yoville and Miniplanet outposts will remain, and they will serve as promotional tools for the GM project, as well as for activism and education events.


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