Businesses & Institutions


Goldman Mill is, at heart, a socialist collective, so the means of production and commerce is owned by the state (the citizens). However, we wish to encourage individual entrepreneurship as well. This leads to several categories of businesses:


The enterprise, owned by the state, is operated by a person or persons acting on the state’s behalf who carries/carry the responsibility for the business’ success and operate the effort as they see fit under state approval and oversight. The state provides capital for startup and ongoing investment. All proceeds beyond overhead and payroll go to the state. The “proprietor(s)” and employees are paid a salary (taxable at 45% rate).


The enterprise is owned jointly by the state and the proprietor(s). The state and proprietor together provide the capital for startup and ongoing investment. (This may be effected by the state loaning the proprietor a sum for these costs which is repaid to the state out of proceeds. During the loan period, the proprietor is paid a salary that is taxable at 45% rate.) Profits go to the state health care fund until any loans are repaid. After that point, they are split on a percentage basis with proprietor, who takes his/her/their salary from that amount (taxable at 45% rate; half goes into health care fund.) Most Miller entrepreneurs take this approach to operating businesses.


The enterprise is owned completely by the citizen proprietor(s). They may cover startup and ongoing investment costs on their own or with a loan from the state. If they take a loan, the operation will run the same way it does for a partially state-owned enterprise. However, once the loans are paid fully, all profits then go to the proprietor. Wholly-owned enterprises must pay a 45% business tax on net profits, half of which goes into the collective health care fund.


Must be approved by State Council and operate under state oversight, which includes a quarterly audit. Startup/investment funds must be raised from community, although the state may assist in the effort. Proprietor/employee salaries are taxable at 45% rate. Any proceeds above and beyond stipulated budget (less 25%, which is earmarked for health care fund) can be held in trust for the organization for future state-approved use or may go to the state BMI/charity/health care fund at proprietor’s discretion.

All for-profit enterprises must collect a 10% sales tax on all transactions. (Exceptions are uncooked food/grocery, medical, and educational supply purchases.)

Additionally, all enterprises must give employees 30 paid vacation days per year; the total amount must be part of the business’ annual budget. New parents can split up to 52 weeks of leave between them when welcoming a new child into their family at up to 75% pay for the first six months and up to half-pay for the remainder of the year. The child’s BMI allocation begins on the day of birth.  Family leave taken in the event of serious illness works similarly. (Details here.)

And 10% of every employee’s untaxed salary or wage automatically goes into a state-managed pension account for that person. Employers must match the worker’s contributions into the account (the estimated amount should be included in the business budget and considered part of overhead. NOTE: The employee may opt to contribute more to his or her pension account, however, the employer is not required to match contributions in excess of 10% of the worker’s salary or wage). The funds may not be accessed until retirement age (70 or sooner, in cases of demonstrable hardship, disability, or illness) or until the employee renounces citizenship, at which time, he or she will receive a cashier’s check for the full amount amassed less 60% tax (for retirees, the funds are not taxed as a thank you from the collective; however, the retiring citizen employee pledges to remain a citizen for at least five years or be liable for the tax. The State has never seen this happen.)

Businesses and Workers: Colleagues, Not Adversaries

There is no minimum wage; BMI makes that unnecessary. Yet people work, on average 33 hours per week, and gross an average of $46,000 per year (not including BMI). Employers here value their workers, who share their mission and passion, and pay them accordingly. Employees in non-retail or -recreational work tend to remain with the same company for as long as they wish. But those working in more volatile fields are protected: There is employment security rather than specific job security.  The State uses a system similar to Denmark’s Flexicurity, which features  three components: flexible rules for hiring and firing, which make it easy for employers to downsize during downturns or off-peak seasons and to hire new staff when things improve; employer-paid unemployment security while the worker seeks new employment for up to a year, and Goldman Mill’s active labor market policy works actively to find a new — and fulfilling — job for the employee. (The State’s Miller Temps Agency is committed to this work, and it is successful. Goldman Mill’s unemployment rate rarely rises above 3%, and that percentage is made up primarily of stay at home parents and workers temporarily between jobs. Disabled workers and retirees are not included in the figure.)

Anyone interested in starting a business of any kind within Goldman Mill must petition the State Council for approval. Among the items taken into consideration are potential benefit to the community, whether the planned business represents Miller values, the type of enterprise and whether there is a need for it. (For example, does The Mill need another book store or bakery?) If the plan is okayed, the prospective proprietor must work with the Business Services Director, the Chamber of Commerce Director, and the State Attorney to go through the steps of incorporation and to get up and running.

A sampling of businesses and institutions run in the collective and some of the citizens who make them happen:

* owned/operated in whole or part by state

Al Salam Peace Mosque
Fadwa Habib, imam

* ARMACT/Miller Serves
Brent Thomas Albert ARMACT Organizer
Fleming Hill, clerk/assistant
Crystal Kahlil, staffer
Laura Lee Love, activist
Doria Ruiz, Miller Serves Organizer
Daisy Eve Davenport, staffer

Bestmore Electronics and Furniture
Denena Beard, sales associate
Joseph Connell, owner
Ashlyn Echikunwoke, sales associate
Donna Lucas, IT help
Steven Mahoney, sales associate
Taye Sanchez, IT help
Jonah Vedet, manager

*Big Air Skate Shop
David “Cloosie” Connell, mentee/owner
Reid Wolfe, clerk

Cerulean Travel
Opal Haines, owner/aget

Children’s Storefront
Rennie Gayde, owner
Madonna Vedet, staffer
Bernice Yeller, clerk/assistant

Printed Page/Classic Books
Redmond Ames, clerk/college student
Arwen Davenport, clerk
Emil Heinle, clerk
Loretta Meyers, owner
Anthony Mueller-Fitzgerald, clerk/college student

Deadhead Cove
Lena Goldman, staffer
Miller Tate Goldman, staffer
Paxie Goldman, proprietor
Lily Kelly, staffer
Gregory Werner, staffer
Julienne Werner, staffer

*Fassbender-Hill Funeral/Serenity Harbor Cemetery
Wilhelm Fassbender, proprietor/mortician
Rhonda Hill, proprietor/mortician
Nicholas Osman, staffer
Dwayne Osterlind, staffer
Dawn Schwartz, staffer
Tamela Wolfe, staffer

*Foster’s Clothiers
Horace Foster, asst mgr
Hermione Tate Foster, CEO/CFO
Lillie Foster, proprietor/model
Jacob Goldman, alterations
Mitzi Lou Isaacson, clerk
Demetria Osman, model
Ricardo Sanchez, model
Rylan Neal-Clark, model/PR
Nikki Sharpe, clerk
Hilda Wong, model

* Gardai Peace Enforcement
Bartholomew Ames, officer
Lorenzo Brancato, officer
Elyse Yeller, officer
Clarence Scotto, officer
Wanjiku Mbeke, gardai info officer
Montgomery Paulson, officer
Felicia Zapato, gardai officer

*Glasshome Finance
Kevin K. Glasshome, owner/accountant
Gavin Davenport, clerk/assistant/college student
Saundra Dixon-Bates, insurance agent
Van Fields, attorney
Patrika Lingg, accountant/audit specialist
Reginald Foster-Nederlander, accountant

Glimmer Kleen
Debbye Lee Blum, dispatch
Nicole Cerbo, staffer
Lee Chou, staffer
Dalton Christian, staffer
Mick Edwards, staffer
Ralph Edwards-Price, co-owner
Richard Edwards-Price, co-owner
Delia Belle Glasshome, staffer/college student
Keene Kellerson, staffer
Russell Price, staffer
Shane Tilton, staffer

*GM Aquarium
Chelsea Miller Deacon, staffer
Maurice Irinova, staffer
Jaden Iwicki, proprietor/curator
Duke Mendelssohn, staffer

*GM Chamber of Commerce
Ilke Davenport-Bix, staffer

GM Cinema
Sherrie Altomare, owner
Raul Gomez, clerk
Keith Robbins, projectionist
Danitra Jo Robinson, clerk

*GM Gallery (aka Mueller-Fitzgerald Gallery)
James Mueller-Fitzgerald, proprietor/curator
Timothy Mueller-Fitzgerald, proprietor/curator
Anthony Mueller-Fitzgerald, staffer
Vera Skoeller, doyenne

GM Gourmet
Ramsey Gordon, owner/chef
Nyle Baker, owner/chef

*GM Hotel
Arthell Ames, General Mgr
Louella Goldman Ames, Hospitality Mgr
Belinda Capp, maintenance/housekeeping
Ryan Connell, Hotel pub proprietor
Andrew Connell, Hotel pub proprietor
Coco Farley, assistant chef/culinary student
Joia Gomez, assistant chef/culinary student
Cornelia Wilde Hester, housekeeping
Persimmon Macy, gift shop
Bob Richardson, maintenance/housekeeping
Salma Shakra, events planner
Ahmed Shakra, housekeeping
Roscoe Shyem asst mgr
Annelise Silver, food service
Zora Silver, food service
Eli Silver, housekeeping
Jeremiah Stewart, food service
Cleveland Sutherland-Smith maintenance/housekeeping director
Cosmo Vacero, food service mgr

* GM Library
Adam Blum, librarian
Bobbie Caton, youth librarian
Hester Davenport, library aide
Charlotte Grenette, librarian
Hope-Anne Shyne, head librarian

* GM Mobile
Seth Cohen, clerk/college student
Abel Victor, manager

GM Nondenominational Church
Rev. Yolanda Jones Charles, pastor
Drake Davenport, deacon

* GM Peace Society
Esteban Gomez, philanthropist
Estella Gomez, philanthropist
C. Lysander Tate V, philanthropist
* GM Post Office
Isaac Chambers, staffer
Cynthia Frankel, staffer
Milin Patel, staffer
Fritz Riesling, staffer

* GM Public Works
Charlesmead Erlander, Greening/Recycling/Sanitation director
Memphis Brodie, Greening/Recycling/Sanitation staffer
Dexter Davenport, Greening/Recycling/Sanitation staffer
Donald Eades, Greening/Recycling/Sanitation staffer
Buster Goldman, Greening/Recycling/Sanitation staffer
Brantley Grenette-Willis, Greening/Recycling/Sanitation staffer
Fern Ingvall, Greening/Recycling/Sanitation staffer
Garner Nederlander-Foster, Greening/Recycling/Sanitation staffer
Perry Wolfe, Greening/Recycling/Sanitation staffer
William Bille, GM Water & Power staffer
Rocky Chase, Chase Solar apprentice
Troy Chase, Chase Solar electrician
Rockford Chase, Chase Solar electrician
Millicent Chase, asst director/Chase Solar
Donatella Scarpetti Peacemaker Island Caretaker

* GM Realty
Hildegard Lieber, agent
Mia Cohen Miller, client service rep
Hamilton Goldman Zapato, clerk/assistant

GM Rummage
Audrina Towne, owner

*GM Skateland
Irving Kamberger, proprietor

Joanna Ames, Exec Director
Chester Davenport-Bix, staffer

* GM Transportation
Randolph Cuomo, Jitney Captain
Joshua Sutherland-Smith, Shuttle Service Director
Vittorio Grenette, Shuttle Field mgr
Brigid Mary Sheehan, shuttle stationmaster
Larry Sheehan, dock crew
Vanessa Weinstein, dock crew
Chris Huang, dockmaster
Goldman & Connell Law
Elizabeth Susan Albert-Isikoff, Clerk/Assistant
Christian Connell, attorney
Ruth Foster Goldman, attorney
Bradley Glass, administrative asst
Stephanie Wolfe, paralegal/asst

* Goldman Mill Farm Store/Commune Farm/Food Coop
Moon Peace Alba, Staffer
Oona Peace Champlin, staffer
Jerry Connell. farm administrator
Carol Foster Connell, store administrator
Robin Cronkite, staffer
Hodda DeLuca, staffer
Nils Peace Hectare, staffer
Hyacinth Moorestein, staffer
Bobby Sunshine, staffer
Frasier Peace Weason, staffer
Barrie Peace Wesley, staffer

* Grand Hall Theater
Fenton Foster, general mgr
Ludmila Gomez Hudson, director
Meryl Krowe, resident director/actor
Jason Sung, stage manager

* Grayling Green
DW Dunn, tech director
Aimee Goodman, staffer
Roslyn Goodman, staffer
Alec Grey, staffer
Daniel Kamberger, staffer/college student/musician

Groovy Soundz
Reuben Cantor clerk/college student
Roger Davenport, co-owner
Clio Davenport, co-owner
Harvey’s Waffle Kitchen
Harvey Miller, owner/chef
Peggy Dupree, server
Anna Henry, server
Helen Iwicki, kitchen staff
Walter Smith, kitchen staff

Heiwana Asian Cuisine

Robin Cronkite, clerk
Leiceister Cooke, Rasta elder
Samuel Crosby, cultivation specialist

Jennie Cooke, clerk/asst
Stanley Leo Martin, owner
Dianne West, clerk

Irie Buffet
Rita Fenty, owner/CFO
Roxane Blake, staffer
Leicester Cooke, staffer
Delta Cooke, partner
Linda Gomez, staffer/college student
Desmond Livingston, owner/chef

James Jewelry
Preston “Happy” James, owner
Kirsten Skoeller, clerk

KNorthern Enterprises
Jerome Day assistant

Lemon Tree Laundry
Siobhan Ruiz, owner

* Mill Messenger
NR Davis, editor
Warren Giasone, reporter
Marga Kurosawa, Art Editor, photog
Ana-Luisa Gomez, photog
Linus Lucas, stringer
Renaldo Ruiz, publisher
Scoop Simpson, reporter
Tilda Skoeller, circulation/distribution mgr
Carlos Tompkins, production director

*Miller Music School
Wilton Blake, instructor
Mary Dennis, proprietor/instructor
Aubrey Grazer, instructor
Abigail Haines-Goldman, instructor

* Miller Symphony
Maureen Marin Alcott, Conductor/Clarinet
Wilton Blake, trumpet
Mary Dennis, violin, piano
Aubrey Grazer, piccolo/flute/saxophone
Abigail Haines-Goldman, piccolo/flute/saxophone
Sharonda Jackson-Meyers, piano
* Miller Temps
Edgar Carlton, staffer
Caleb Cooper, clerical specialist
Hester Davenport, data entry specialist
Warwicke Foster, clerical specialist
Gabrielle Goldman, clerical specialist
Rose Grenette-Willis, proprietor
Farley McGrady, recruiter
Petra Middleton, clerical specialist
Teva Tate, clerical specialist
Martin Windsor, clerical specialist
Mohandas Mfg/Frieden Laboratories
Ariel Lieber, co-owner
Roger Davenport, co-owner
Davida Jean Crosby, scientist
Missy Erlander, marketing
Cosette Grenette, factory staff
Todd Goldman Harley, factory staff
Holden Hill, designer
Pansy Hill, IT director
Joyanne Ingvall, clerk/asst
Henrik Lonnie Miller, factory staff
Amin Nagra, marketing
Hendrick Nederlander, factory staff
Brooks Davidson Spencer, factory staff
Jerlene Suarez, marketing
Lucretia Gomez Tate, scientist
Norbert Tate, scientist
Neda Tong, admin asst
Weijia Wen, mgr/foreman
Jeldon Zahos factory staff
Letitia Zahos, designer
Leroy Zahos, factory staff

Nederlander-Foster Foundation
Chaya-Pearl Ginsberg Cohen, trustee
Tiberius X. Nederlander, philanthropist

* Pacifist S&L
Sabina Bibb, teller
Horace Hiram Foster, CEO/CFO
Romeo Jordan, teller/administrator
Bruce Branford Goldman, Bank Officer

Pax Fine Dining

Pax Haven Inn
Jada Dixon-Bates, asst chef/culinary school student
Luther Greenberg, owner/chef
Emmett Haines, staffer
Camilla Northern, co-owner
Farmer Priest, asst chef/server
Gayle Shyne, sous chef

* Pax University – Mill Friends Academy
Ranidi Alekum, Teacher
Satya Krebs Ames, Lower School Curriculum Specialist/Teacher
Marie Louise Bryant, media/technology teacher
Romo Clementi, High School teacher
Mario Colorado, Lower School teacher
Olga Dubrovsky, Intermediate teacher
Clive French, high teacher
Mona Jenkiins, high teacher
Daniela Johnson, preschool teacher
Ergin Juno, academic counselor
Chelsea Lucas Teacher aide/daycare
Cecilia Ludden, languages teacher
Hamlet Mercutio, high teacher
Kellan Osman, phys ed teacher
Lottie Osman, phys ed teacher
Giuliana Pearce, academic counselor
Mavis Pendola, high teacher
Monique Rather, preschool teacher
Trey Shelton, intermediate teacher
Luca Tarani, intermediate teacher
Jeannie Tsukamoto, intermediate teacher
Olive Wilde, lower teacher
Noel Wolfe, nurse
Charmaine Wolfe, art teacher
Broderick Yeats, lower/intermediate headmaster
Bond Lucas, director of buildings
Honey Foster Goldman, professor
Peyman Hatami, professor
Florence Sims, professor
Windy Goldman, university dean

Peace Collectibles
Maxine Haver, clerk
Raven Tompkins, owner

Peace Kitchen
Fredo DeLuca, staffer
Charles Lambert, staffer
Mitzi Resto, asst chef
Schuyler Shyne, staffer
Amber Willow, owner

Brady Clarkson, owner/trainer
Ricardo Fernandez, trainer
Ritchie Davenport, clerk/assistant
Rafael Gomez, trainer
Vera Hohmer, receptionist/trainer

*Peacecomber Motel/Crown Royal Pier Club

Peacenik Pins/Rowan’s Arcade
Malik Carter, attendant
Jodie Chambers, partner/concessions
Katie Connell, mechanic
Dean Crewes-Paulson, chef
Riley Henry, concessions
Shelton Hess, porter
Patsy Kelly, instructor/parties
Pamela Lingg asst mgr
Eileen Ann Wiggins, pro shop/instructor
Ming Li Wong, attendant

Peacenik Productions
Harry Sims III, owner
Boyd Thomas Lucas, asst

Pranxter Band
Bob Garcia – guitar
Gemma Rose Mitchell, bass
Byron Quigley, guitarist, leader
May Quigley, keyboards, manager
Armie Richards-Howell, drummer

Ras Becca Selector Services
Imani Livingston, dj/entertainer
Rebecca Kaplan Rooney, owner/dj
Colin Charles, Dj/entertainer

Red Emma’s Bookstore Cafe

* Romero Clinic
Alessandra Aldridge, Kitchen Staff
Halima Alekum, receptionist
Hillary Ambrosio, Kitchen Staff
Brian Ames, Ambulance
Doris Brace, opthalmologist
Gisele Braun, counselor
DW Dunn, technician
Mark Meyers, MD – psychiatrist
Sharla Miller, dentist
August Nacero, pharmacist
Flora Nightingale, candy striper
Adeporo Oduye, kitchen staff
Casper Osman, nurse
Woody Earle, aide/orderly
Denise Ann Engel food service chief
Jacques Fornault, nurse
Dante Grace, gift shop
Michael Haines, aide
Grant Haines-Goldman, doctor/resident
Simin Hatami, kitchen staff
Ina Henson, housekeeping
Bernard Henson, nurse
Bingham Ingval, candy striper
Felix Isikoff, technician
Deidre Kelly, maint/housekeeping
Emma Key, orderly
Eric Kurosawa, pediatrician
Vanetta Martin, nurse
Bert Pares, clerk/asst
Maeve Callaghan, MD, doctor
Brock Sims, ambulance/Emt
Craig Sullivan, food service
Lorene Tompkins, nurse
Oliver Underwood, receptionist
Jann Wenderstrom, orderly
Oswaldo Zapato, OB/GYN
Benton Zile, orderly

Rosato Pizza
Sima Foster-Nederlander, staffer
Joab Frumberg, staffer
Rona Rosato, owner
Edward Rosato, owner

Scarlet Begonias
Lamar Jackson, owner
Elesha Richards-howell, owner
Francis Stewart, clerk
Scone/Tessa’s Tearoom/Scone Express
Geneva Foster-Nederlander, clerk
Veronica Gillespie, baker
Scott Kurosawa, owner/baker
Tessa Towne, owner/tea specialist
Kanye Northern, performer
Meryl Krowe, performer
Brenda Towne, singer-songwriter
Helena Tropez, actor-altruist

Serenity Spa
Corey Kenneth, massage
Rocco Pelts, aromatherapist
Sujheta Singh, clerk/asst
Weptonomah Watchung, owner
Donnie McLaughlinn, clerk/asst
Rowan Sims, owner

* state hall staff
Dwight Kurtsen, state hall kitchen staff
Parker Lucas, state hall kitchen staff
Jensen Malcolm, state hall kitchen staff
Maribel Rochester, state hall kitchen staff
Eugene Simmons, state hall kitchen staff
St Francis Peace Ecumenical Christian Church
Rev. Patrick Connell, copastor
Rev. Harrison Sims, copastor

Temple Beth Shalom
Rabbi Evan Cohen
Cantor Chaya Cohen
* The Miller
Carmen Collins, clerk
Vesta Haines, clerk
Meredith McNamara, clerk
Sarah Ames Nacero, supervisor

Truvy’s Salon
Truvy Rae, owner/stylist
V. Fields, stylist
Corbin Saunders, color specialist
Delphina Wren, receptionist
Ned Wren, stylist/barber

Weisen Culinary Academy
Talullah Osman, assistant
Courtney Green, owner/chef/instructor
Venetia Ann Ferriere, owner/chef/instructor

Werner Greenery
Stefan Miller, clerk/asst
Jennifer Werner, owner
* WGPM Public TV/Radio
Maxwell Ames, technician
Ramon Anastos, reporter
June Benson, intern
Mandi True Burness, TV/Radio air personality
Jess Crowder, audio producer
Tisha Fields, engineer
Fantasia Jo Foster, TV/Radio air personality
Ira Heller, memberships
Cristo Hurley, intern
Deanna Jenkins, TV program director
Jay Kos, TV/Radio anchor
Ariel Lieber, executive producer/personality
Neci Logan, promotions director/air personality
Taylor Peace Mellon, technician
Lucinda Miller, office mgr
Jane Miller, reporter
Adeela Mubarak, administrator
Jameson Nixon, camera operator
Jon Nixon, camera operator
Terrence Rehnquist, TV/radio air personality
Damon Restos, video editor
Synethia Rolfe, camera operator
Alejandro Segundo, sales
Heidi Skoeller-Slade, producer
Ursula Stiller, wardrobe consultant
Herbert Tarlek, sales
Gloria Tiller, Radio PD/MD
Hans-Erik Vanger, news director
Minka Vedet, TV/Radio anchor
Mei-Li Wen, sales mgr

Wine Cellar
Renee Call, staffer
Felipe Candalero, owner
Tyler Voss, staffer