The Microstate of Peace is a democratic-socialist republic with elements of monarchy. The head of state is the prime minister (known within state limits as “Mayor”), who, as decided by the founders, must come from the Goldman family. For details on the structure and workings of the Government, please refer to the State Constitution.


The government day-to-day operations are handled by the Mayor, the Ministers, and the staff:

Head of state: Mayor Regina Goldman, Prime Minister

Deputy Mayor/Business Administrator: Endie Connell

Infrastructure Minister: Windy Sims-Goldman, Pax University Chancellor

Foreign Affairs Minister: Nancy Tate Leeves, Ambassador

Citizenship, Immigration, Refugees Minister: Jonatha Valenzuela

Citizen Services Director: Ivy Dennis Glasshome

Business Services Minister: C. Lysander Tate V

Justice Minister, Attorney General: Ruth Foster Goldman

Transportation Minister: Seamus Bridges

Tourism & Outreach Minister: Sonia Nicks

Chief Judge: Isabella Tate

Associate Judges: Glenn Asomghua, Belinda Brewer, Felix Ames

Court Clerk: Brendan Bodie

Court Reporter: Tamara Goodman

State Prosecutor: Gwendolyn Connell

Public Defense Attorney: Kumar Patel

Town Clerk: Carrie Ann Cline

Office Manager: Javier Hector Agos

Administrative Aides: Rolondo Gomez, Wanda June Holbert, Karen
Czerko, Rick Rossley, Arthur Frye

Small Business Minister: Harry Sims Jr, Chamber of Commerce

Employment & Labor Minister: Trulie Victor

Recreation Minister: Rowan Sims-Goldman

Peace, Values, and Education Minister: Patricia “Paxie” Goldman

Aide to Paxie Goldman: Shalom Miller

Public Works Minister: Michelle Charles

Gardai Commissioner: Melvin Charles

Gardai Vice Commissioner: Aldo Gomez

Head of State Hall Security: Ofcr. Dallas Crewes

Technology Minister: Lisbeth Blomkvist

IT Director/Asst to LB: Noah Fineman

Finance & National Revenue Minister:  Booker Grande

State Auditor: Tyrone Stephens

Public Safety & Emergency Preparedness Minister: Lake Grayson

Global Trade Minister: Jeremy Thoms

Diplomatic Aide: Jedediah Haines

Diplomatic Missions Director: Derek Graves

Public Health Minister: Maeve Callaghan-Ruiz, MD

Romero Clinic Director: Connor Chambers, MD

Agriculture Minister: Jennifer Werner

Environment & Natural Resources Minister: Dr. Chiyoko Kagasura

Arts Minister: C. Lysander Tate VI

Family & Youth Minister: Laura Lee Love

Public Media Director: Ariel Lieber

Housing Minister: Hildegard Lieber

Mill Friends Academy Headmaster:
Jonathan Flaherty

Daycare Director: Saiorse Bridges

Mill Messenger Publisher: Renaldo Ruiz

Activism Minister: Brent Thomas Albert

Altruism & Compassion Minister: Daisy Eve Davenport

Postmaster: Edmund Singh

State Council: DN Connell, Cleo Davenport, Cyrus Gaines, Preston James, Lorna Korner, Fiona Nichols, August Nacero, Ellie Rannells, Siobhan Ruiz, Rev. Harrison Sims, Ralph Wen


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