The Peaceful Collective Republic of Goldman Mill is served by its own broadcast and print media. These organs are owned by the citizens through the State, however, news departments constitutionally are given complete autonomy to operate without interference by the government, which is committed to ethics and a free press.

As part of the citizens’ services provided through the taxation process, residents receive access to subscriptions to the Goldman Mill newspaper and to local public television and radio, as well as to selected commercial and public media sources of news and entertainment from around the globe.

Local media include:

  • WGPM RadioWGPM Public- Goldman Mill Public Media TV and Radio

WGPM TV 9 offers a wide range of news, educational programming, and entertainment produced in Goldman Mill.

WGPM Radio is public radio simulcast with GDPR REVOLUTION99 and includes news/talk, entertainment, drama, and music programming produced in The Mill, as well as syndicated peace-progressive programming.

Both stations, founded in 1996, have a mission to provide programming designed for pacifist-progressives and to give exposure to artists and points of view that are all too often ignored or excluded from mainstream broadcasting in the US, Canada and other nations.




Since 1969, this print and, since 2007, online newspaper has been the print /Web news organ of record for The Peaceful Collective. The publication is committed to ethical, fair journalism, bringing readers news on peace, activism, politics, religion, the environment, science, entertainment and more, from Goldman Mill, the US, Canada, the UK and other countries.

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