School’s In; Mayor Stands with BLM; GM Welcomes Refugees

Hello, I’m Breanna Quigley, newly minted senior at Mill Friends Academy in Goldman Mill, the greatest country in the world! (Sorry, Donald Trump. And America, I am sorry you have to suffer Donald Trump. You deserve better, so vote!) I am The Mill’s new social media intern and I’ve been given the job of managing the blog (which as you can see has been used only sporadically). Along with short pieces on all things Miller, I’ll try to provide a weekly roundup of what’s doing in the Microstate of Peace.

The big news after a hot summer in Goldman Mill is that school is in session for MFA and Pax University. That means the young people are hard at work with studies and getting back into the routine of juggling school with citizen service. It’s hard work, but that is what life is about, right? Plus, we love the feeling of making a contribution to the collective.

The new State Council youth member is in place, which was announced on Founders Day, Aug. 13: DN “Cloosie” Connell was sworn in,  and he will serve the next year alongside adult memers Cleo Davenport, Cyrus Gaines, Preston James, Lorna Korner, Fiona Nichols, August Nacero, Ellie Rannells, Siobhan Ruiz, Rev. Harrison Sims, and Ralph Wen. Cloosie, a freshman at Pax University, will continue his work as youth manager at Big Air Skate Shop.  That boy has a work ethic like I don’t know what — he is going places!

The Peace Scouts are planning a fall campout at Assissi Lodge in early October; this will be their last campout until spring. Any parents interested in registering their kids 6-18 for Scouts should contact Luther Greenberg at by Oct. 1.

Foreign Affairs Minister Nancy Tate Leeves is in Canada right now, accompanying England’s Prince William and Duchess Catherine on their trip through our northern neighbor. She reports back that the couple is lovely and committed to peace, which is great to hear. Ambassador Leeves adds that the tiny prince and princess, George and Charlotte, are too adorable for words.

Mayor Regina Glass has been busy traveling to the US and taking part in peaceful Black Lives Matter protests in Milwaukee, Tulsa, OK, and Charlotte, NC. She reports that her heart was broken by the violence that erupted in Charlotte, but notes that those committing the violence are interlopers and not actual BLM members, who are standing strong in the face of unfair and bigoted characterizations of their activism. She sends thanks to the Miller contingents who are turning out for these actions and to those who are now standing with those opposing the Dakota Pipeline. The mayor and her activism team expect to return to Goldman Mill on Sept. 29.

A humanitarian effort is underway to bring more Syrian refugees to The Mill. If you are interested in helping with donations of money, clothing, toys, and personal care items, please contact Altruism Minister Daisy Eve Davenport at State Hall. If you are interested in adopting a refugee family, please contact Citizenship, Immigration and Refugees Minister Jonatha Valenzuela at State Hall. Housing throughout The Mill will be made available for them as needed, however, we would like to integrate our visitors in need into our community. By having their first experiences here within a Miller family until they are prepared to live on their own, we can expedite that process. It’s all about kindness and loving our neighbors as ourselves. The date of the next influx will be announced within the next two weeks.

On the entertainment front, Dead and Company featuring Bob Weir and John Mayer will make a stop at Deadhead Cove on Oct. 10. Tickets are available (and going fast) via PaxShow.  Grayling Green features Melanie Martinez with Brenda Towne (10/12), 3 Doors Down (10/13), Yusuf/Cat Stevens (10/14), John Prine (10/16), and, in the last Green show until spring, Kendrick Lamar and Pranxter (10/18).

Grand Hall Theater presents the Miller Symphony performing works by John Adams on Oct. 15. The musical “The Color Purple,” featuring the touring company of the Broadway smash, will have a week-long run Nov. 1-7.

Speaking of Broadway, we hear the Grand Hall is in negotiations to get the touring company of Hamilton The Musical here. We’re not throwing away our shot: Cross your fingers! But until then, the Oct. 20 Miller Fall Pax Vobiscum Ball at Goldman Mill Hotel will feature the OBC’s Aaron Burr himself, Tony winner Mr. Leslie Odom Jr. The Tony winner will perform selections from his wonderful new eponymous jazz and standards disc (and maybe “Wait For It”?). For tickets, contact the Goldman Mill Peace Society.

Corrie Lecture Hall has its own hot ticket: Peace activist and Talk Nation Radio host David Swanson will be on hand Sept. 30 at 7 PM to discuss his new book, No War Is Just. It’s a benefit for WGPM Radio, which airs two episodes of David’s show Wednesdays at noon and Saturdays at 9PM Central Time. Admission is $10 or a donation to the station’s canned-food drive. Refreshments from Peace Kitchen and Scone Bakery will be available for sale.

That’s it for this week — see you next time! Pax Vobiscum!



Mayor Note 12 April 2015

It’s a beautiful day in the Mill! Ari and I pray that you all enjoyed a peaceful start of Spring, Easter and Passover. The Mayor’s Garden is looking gorgeous! You are invited to stop by to check out the new blooms.

The Council is gearing up for the 2015-16 budget determinations. We ask all citizens to take part in the Council meetings, held every 2nd and 4th Tuesday at State Hall from 7-9 p.m. We need your input to decide the budget priorities for the next fiscal year. What activist and altruist efforts are worthy of funding? Where should we focus funding for diplomatic work? Which government departments need more or less funding in the next year? You are the heart of this collective, so your input is vital so your representatives can serve your interests.

Election Day on July 13. This year, we will have four Council seats up for grabs on the budget and nomination period takes place at both May meetings. All eligible adult citizens may run, and campaign season will take place between June 13 and Election Day. The ballot will also include a citizen-drafted initiative on creating a permanent Marriage Equality Mediation Team that will travel to parts of the world struggling over dealing with  an issue they find controversial. As citizens, you will decide whether The Mill will make itself part of this necessary dialogue abroad to spread the messages of justice and equality abroad as they pertain specifically to our international LGBT brothers and sisters. So stay involved, share your input and vote! (As this is a Council election, voting is mandatory for all citizens 21 and over, and your vote on the initiative is needed sorely as well.)

MFA Curriculum Review.  As we are nearing the end of another school year, Mill Friends Academy asked me to share its request for school parents and others interested in our youth’s education to attend a workshop on May 2 from 10 am – 2 pm that will provide an opportunity to review the curricula for the preschool and lower, intermediate and high schools. Headmaster Jonathan Flaherty and his team need to hear what your priorities are and get your guidance on ensuring that we are presenting the most effective lessons to Miller kids. The workshop will be held in the high school multipurpose room, and a vegan lunch will be provided. You must RSVP if you plan to attend; send email to By the way, Go Doves! The MFA baseball team scored a win in an away game last week over the Toronto Red Knights. The score was 5-4, which tells you it was a very exciting contest. Well done, Coach Ressler and team!

The Greening Project needs you! It’s that time of year again… The Environmental Department is asking for volunteers to help maintain area gardens and to plant new greenery throughout the collective. If you are interested, please send email to

Spring Fling!!! Meade Hall will be the site of the annual May Day celebration of workers and peace that takes place May 1 from 8-11 pm. Folk-jam performer Keller Williams will headline and opener Tessa Towne will also provide music for the event; Ari will play emcee. It should be a grand time for all. Admission is free for all Mill workers and their families, and this will be an alcohol- and smoke-free event. Please join us!

Stay in touch! As always, if you need to contact me, please email me at

That’s it for now, fellow peaceniks. Be well, and pax vobiscum to you and yours.

Regina Goldman, Mayor


New Look

Check out the new redesign of the main Goldman Mill website (which is a work in progress). It features a gorgeous shot of our island nation and it’s quite stirring! Thanks to Georgia Grant for donating her creative services for the project, and to Technology Director Lisbeth Blomkvist. – RG, MAYOR

How to Help in Haiti

Forget Rush Limbaugh and Pat Robertson, who apparently made separate pacts with Satan: Haitians are good people who live in, as CBS describes the island nation, the poorest country in the Western hemisphere. They are our brothers and sisters  and they are in crisis: The American Red Cross estimates that 50,000 people may be dead as a result of the 7.0 quake that hit Tuesday near Port au Prince. We MUST help them — that is what family does.

How to help (info gathered by WJZ-TV Baltimore):

If you would like to help with the recovery effort in Haiti, there are dozens of organizations accepting donations to help get aid directly to the people. Here is some detail about a handful of such groups, followed by links to other sources.

The Red Cross – To help with relief efforts, text “HAITI” to “90999” and $10 will be given automatically to the Red Cross, charged to your cell phone bill.  You can also give online, via phone or even through wire transfer. Donate to the Red Cross

Yéle Haiti – Founded by musician and U.N. Goodwill Ambassador Wyclef Jean, Yéle’s is “a grassroots movement that builds global awareness for Haiti while helping to transform the country through programs in education, sports, the arts and environment.” Donate to Yéle Haiti

Doctors Without Borders – DWB is an international medical humanitarian organization founded by doctors and journalists in France in 1971. The organization currently has staff on the ground in Haiti working to stem possible loss of life. Donate to Doctors Without Borders

Mercy Corps – Mercy Corps is described as hodgepodge of about 3,700 professionals working to help millions in crisis around the world. The group is sending an emergency team to Haiti to help provide food, shelter and other aid. Donate to Mercy Corps
Other Ways To Help Haiti:

Oh, The Changes!

Lots happening… lots of change… the following is a summation… more later.

NO WORRIES: All is good and moving forward nicely. We can roll with adversity like nobody’s business!

From the VTH:

We have just learned that Metaplace is closing its doors as of 1/1/10. Wow.

An emergency session of the Town Council called by Mayor Goldman was held late last night (22 December). This was decided: Effective immediately, work will stop on Metaplace builds and the focus will shift to the SMALLWORLDS site. SmallWorlds now will be the main townspace for GM. Land/harborspace has already been procured, thanks to a donation by Windy and Rowan Sims-Goldman. This land will serve as the landing space into Goldman Mill. Construction is already under way. Endie Connell will oversee VTH changes made necessary.

The plan is that those interested in joining and in having a physical presence in the village will establish a SmallWorlds account of their choice and then their space(s) will be linked to the GM village. Those already there can have their space(s) connected upon earning full citizenship. The Land Surveyor Team (Windy Goldman, Ari Lieber, Harry Sims, Jennifer Werner) is charged with creating a linkspace (village shuttle-themed build?) for this purpose. In the meantime, Paxie Goldman and her team are working on curricula for Pax University (we hope to launch our first public course offering in early 2010); James and Tim Mueller-Fitzgerald are in the middle of mounting a wonderful exhibit in the Goldman Mill Peace Museum; the Werner-Simses are spearheading the rebuilding of our Chamber of Commerce; Ari Lieber, Endie Connell, and Ray Ruiz are working to reshape GM media to handle the changes; and as part of the GM Armchair Activist effort, research is under way for a greening/sustainable-living education effort. (Links soon, but for the time being, check out and search “Goldman Mill” or “WGPM” or “Windy Goldman.”)

The Council also moved to terminate the Gaia Online outpost for the time being; it may be revived when we have a strong enough youth component to breathe life and substance into what is a really difficult world to crack. Only the Yoville and Miniplanet outposts will remain, and they will serve as promotional tools for the GM project, as well as for activism and education events.

Lazy, Cold Saturday in The Mill

Endie Connell on a lazy, cold Saturday…

Man, it’s a cold day again! I knew the recent cold snap wouldn’t last long, but who suspected that arctic air would show up again so quickly?

Oh well, the winter chill is a temporary thing. Eventually, it will warm nicely, even up here in Cold Country, and for now, we focus on work and school and  home and make sure to keep lots of plush sweaters on hand.  In fact, I have to head to Foster’s Clothiers later to pick up birthday sweaters for the Quigley girls. Cloosie wanted them to get Wii games, but my goal is to give kids productive gifts that don’t focus on video games.  No doubt Daisy and Breanna will be polite, but it’s May and Byron, their parents, who’ll really appreciate the sweaters (until the next Arctic Clipper blows through the township — then the girls will see how wise Auntie Endie is).

I do want to check out the clothing shop… Cloosie says the work on it was finished this morning and no doubt he did a beautiful job. How lucky are Joe and I? Our son is a normal kid blessed with all kinds of skills that he puts to use for the collective good. The kid is a Miller through and through.

As far as MoP development, I believe Romero Clinic will be finished shortly and there is talk about building an eatery nearby. That’s a good idea — docs gotta eat. Granted, OBC is not far away, and there is a cafeteria in the clinic, and Tessa’s Tearoom is nearby (love it!), but many people think it may be a good idea to have a 24-hour restaurant and/or convenience store right by Romero. Discussions continue. I don’t know my opinion yet; at this point, I’m just keeping an open mind.

Georgia Grant, Ari Lieber and I are focusing on new signage for many of the area businesses. Much has already been finished, but there is more to do. And the greening project continues as we cultivate the woodland areas. Additionally, we are continuing work on Mill Friends Academy, and work on the new recreation facilities is under way as well.

In terms of home stuff, Joe is almost always busy with BestMore Department Store — the economy is hitting everyone hard. He’s working with Edmund Singh at Illumination, the solar and lighting store, to come up with cross-promotional strategies for eco-conscious heating appliances, and Joe and Ed are part of the continuing effort to work on the town’s electric grid. He takes it very personally that The Mill is completely self-supporting in terms of energy and it’s fast becoming his main hobby, next to coaching peewee soccer. He’s got to spend some quality time with Cloosie, though — we understand that he has much to do with work and all, and so does our extremely busy son, but the boy misses hanging with his dad. I’ll have to plan an activity for them next weekend.

Life at the Mill Messenger is settling down somewhat after the inauguration hoohah. It’s amazing — even Canadians are excited about President Obama. I wish the guy well. He’s a great man to take the world forward, but as a progressive, my reservations remain. Thank goodness we as a community have no ties to the US federal government (though many Millers have dual citizenship, the township is fully independent from the US and Canada).  At least he’s neither Bush nor McCain. And heck with everyone — Michelle looked aMAzing in her inaugural wear.

Actually, we’re all settling down. Kids are back in school after the holiday break… Chinese New Year celebrations filled the town with magnificent color and sound that cut through the cold… after the nuptial epidemic that hit in the last quarter of ’08 — Reg and Ari, Marga and Eric, Windy and Rowan, Sharonda and Mark — I have no waiting wedding invitations for the first time in a while. There is news about one potentially budding romance: WGPM cameraman Jon Nixon has been in love with designer Veronica Gillespie (our freest of free spirits) for years, even through the time when she was with Ari (she dumped him and left town and after nursing a seriously broken heart, he fell for Regina; then Ron came back and found that Ari had moved on — it was not pretty). Happily, all are friends again, and she’s finally starting to notice young Mr. Nixon (’bout time)… Joe says not to meddle, but my goal is to get them paired off stat.

I also want to find a fella for Ari’s mom. Hildy Lieber is a fantastic woman, and she’s been alone since her much-missed husband Nathaniel passed away in 2000. She keeps way busy with her real estate work and volunteering, and oh my goodness, the work she does for the local synagogue, but such a vibrant, beautiful, smart person shouldn’t be alone, should she? Ari’s on board with my yenta mission — he has his eye on a couple of potential suitors (including my wonderful new friend Farouk Hossan).  Hildy agrees that Farouk is a total dreamboat, yet she resists out of shyness. So we’ll see how that goes.

My darling son is calling, so I’d better run. Must pick up those sweaters and prepare dinner for Joe and Cloosie (jerk pork with carrots and jasmine rice). Then Paxie  Goldman, Darla Payne and I are having a girls’ night dancing at the Peacenik Starlight nightclub. We deserve it! (I will not be out too late, or Rev. Sims will have my head in the morning…)

Stay warm!