Mayors of Goldman Mill

The MAYOR is the Head of State for the Peaceful Collective Republic of Goldman Mill. As decided unanimously by the founding families in 1890, the head of state must come from the Goldman family. Here is a list of those who have served in the position since our founding. All have served with excellence and have our unending gratitude.


The first Mayor governed with kindness and strength until his passing in 1924. He guided the collective through the difficulties of becoming established and growing into the strong, proud, focused community it remains today.


Son of Emmanuel, Peter took the reins and carried on his father’s legacy with grace and determination and helped maneuver the town through the horror that wass World War II. His service came to an end with his untimely and unexpected death in 1948.


Younger sister of Peter, Rebecca became mayor and was a steadfast beacon for the collective’s values through various Asian conflicts. She spearheaded efforts for sustainability before stepping down to focus on starting a family in 1965.


Great-grandson of Emmanuel and Chaya, James brought his activist spirit to the position and served as a progressive inspiration for the citizens and the world. He was shot to death by an anti-pacifist extremist while representing Goldman Mill on a peace junket in the US South in 1980.


Brother of James, counterculturist Jacob shared his sibling’s activist fervor and served as Mayor for nearly 30 years, continuing the peace evangelization strategy of the previous administation. Under his leadership, the republic made major strides in boosting Goldman Mill’s international image as the experts on peace, conflict resolution, justice and environmentalism. Jacob stepped down in 2007 due to health concerns, and still serves today as collective historian.


Daughter of Jacob and wife Ruth Foster Goldman, Regina is taking Goldman Mill and its progressive values and nonviolent, pro-human rights message into the 21st century and placing them on the world stage. She married media expert and broadcaster Ariel Lieber in 2009, and together they are providing inspiration to citizens and the rest of the world.


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