Much of the rich flavor of Goldman Mill comes from its diverse array of neighborhoods and districts.

  • GM PierGoldman Mill Pier/Village Square

The Peace Schooner transports you to Goldman Mill Pier, the entryway to the Peaceful Collective Republic of Goldman Mill. Before passing through the gate, you must go through the Security Center to be cleared for checkin. Once inside, you’ll find the GM Main Shuttle depot, which can take you to any spot in the country. The Pier area includes Pax Haven Inn, a restaurant frequented by weary tourists, and a connection to the Peacecomber Motel, a vacation spot beloved by young travelers, spring breakers, families, and Mill visitors alike. The connected Village Square is the site for community events: It includes the square itself, the Gardai Peace Enforcement Plaza, concert space Grayling Green, an amusement area for kids of all ages and families, and Goldman Mill State Hall, the home of our nation’s government.

The Goldman Mill Peace Schooner is the only means for travelers to come to or from The Peaceful Collective Republic.

The Goldman Mill Peace Schooner is the only means for travelers to come to or from The Peaceful Collective Republic.

  • Corrie Lecture Hall, Goldman MillPax University

This is the educational section of the microstate, which features the world-renowned peace education institute of higher learning and its Corrie Lecture Hall (presenting talks by internationally respected experts, activists and speakers on a host of progressive-peace issues) and Mill Friends Academy, which offers well-rounded, rigorous, peace-focused academic and arts instruction (including daycare for the smallest kids) covering preschool through high school. Also found here is the Goldman Mill Peace Society, the Broadway-style venue the Grand Hall Theater, and WGPM, Goldman Mill Public Media.

  • La Paix Victoire

Just outside of the university district, LPV is home to many who are connected with the fields of academia and letters. Teachers, professors, scientists, government servants and more find comfort in living near the home of Goldman Mill learning and just around the corner from the colorful Boho district. This neighborhood also boasts the First Couple of Goldman Mill, Mayor Regina Goldman and noted journalist-broadcaster and entrepreneur Ari Lieber, as residents. The Mayor’s Garden is a popular attraction for residents and tourists.

The Mayor's Garden in La Paix Victoire draws thousands of domestic and foreign visitors annually.

The Mayor’s Garden in La Paix Victoire draws thousands of domestic and foreign visitors annually.

  • marley streetMarley Street

This street is where things happen! In addition to beautiful residences lived in by interesting people, Marley Street, of course named for the reggae music legend who sang of justice for the world, boasts the Goldman Mill Cinema, Skateland, the national library (which offers the world’s greatest collection of writings and media on peace and pacifism), Goldman Mill Aquarium and other attractions; the historic showroom of Foster’s Clothiers (which has served the Peaceful Collective Republic since its founding in 1890); the hip Irie Buffet Carib Carryout (get in line early before all the jerk chicken and homemade ginger beer are gone!) and the spirit-minded Serenity Spa; and more. And the neighborhood’s Satyagraha Park offers a green, peaceful spot for reflection.

  • Main StMain Street / Commercial

While Goldman Mill is constitutionally a pacifist-democratic socialist collective, it in practice is a hybrid of socialism and capitalism. The entrepreneurial spirit of its residents is respected and encouraged, as their business successes create better lives for commerce-minded individuals and families, contribute funds to the collective and its good works, and build a strong economy for The Mill. The commercial district constituted of Main Street, the Olive Branch Centre shopping gallery, Goldman Mill Centre, features shopping, restaurants, fashion and beauty purveyors, the singular Hemporium, arts establishments including Goldman Mill Gallery and the Printed Page book shop, philanthropic organizations, and more. Here you’ll find Romero Clinic, legal and financial services, Cerulean Travel, Madame Fortuna’s Parlor, Peacenik Pins bowling, the activism-focused ARMACT and Miller Serves, numerous businesses, and the offices of the Mill Messenger, plus the residences of Olive Branch Tower, Lily Lane, Agape Avenue and Soulforce Avenue. 

  • BoHoBoho

As the name suggests, this is where much of the counterculture of Goldman Mill resides. Here you’ll find artists, activists, philanthropists, writers, free spirits and merry pranksters who add so much passion, principle, spice and wit to the community. (Don’t be surprised if you run into spontaneous drum circles in the neighborhood; it happens all the time.) This is where you can find a connection to the good-naturedly notorious Deadhead Cove, where we’re told the music never stops. Watch out for the psychedelic bus that runs on solar-generated electricity

Deadhead Cove Benefit Poster

A Deadhead Cove benefit concert poster from 2010

  • jitneyPeacemaker Estates

Peacemaker Island, one of the micro-islands alongside the main Goldman Mill, features the stately homes of diverse residents wishing for peaceful, green surroundings. Also found here is the elegant Goldman Mill Hotel and the romantic honeymoon spot, the Pas de Deux Bungalow. The Miller Jitney, housed here, offers connections to all GM ports, including Paghidait Port, another Miller micro-island that is becoming a new home to charming, eclectic residences.

Goldman Mill Hotel

A view of the Goldman Mill Hotel at Peacemaker Estates

  • GM Farm StoreWorship Woods/Farmland

The Woods are home to Goldman Mill’s diverse collection of faith communities, the Theosophical Society, and the pacifist Berrigan Commune, which operates Serenity Farm and Dairy, which supply the area Food Coop and the nearby GM Farm Store, a community and family favorite. Werner Farm, which supplies Werner Greenery, is here, as are other farms. Residents from throughout The Mill and even visitors from the outside world gather regularly for folk and roots music events and poetry readings at the peaceful Meade Hall. The Woods also house Fassbender-Hill Funeral Home and Serenity Harbor Park, peaceful places to bid farewell to the departed and lay them to eternal rest. The Goldman Mill campgrounds can be found here as well, as is an outpost for the solar-devoted and ecologically conscious GM Power and Water outpost. By law, all of the Mill is powered via clean energy (its solar grid is based here) and runs on green principles.